All in all, Four Sales is superb!

Four Sales provided an estate sale, followed by total clean-out of property, once the sale was completed (i.e., provided donation and trash trucks, time and labor to remove any remaining, unsold items from the property (which, in fact, was very little).  Extremely well-orchestrated procedure, from beginning to end.  The set-up team was great, everything was great.  Went without a hitch.  Client is kept up to date on progress of sale, day by day, and a full financial accounting is provided the client post sale.
From beginning to end, Four Sales is extremely well-orchestrated as to initial overview of estate sales, the details of our estate sale, and the procedure(s) Four Sales uses to optimize the process, i.e., marketing the merchandise on web sites.  The set-up crew was great – organizing the sale items in a very reasonable, observable manner.  The client is kept informed along the way, and day-by-day during what is usually a 2 or 3-day ordeal for the actual sale.
All in all, Four Sales is superb – providing just the service one looks for during what might be an emotional time.  The client is free from involvement, yet included in the process as much as desired, or necessary.  Daniel Sanders is an expert at patience, yet runs a very well-orchestrated business.  He’s professional, knowledgeable, and well-versed in this business, as well as extremely patient with the client.

Thank you!
Cynthia B. ~
McLean, VA (November 2014)
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