An Outstanding Customer Experience!

Hi, Daniel,

Not only did I have a good experience at your sale this morning, I had an outstanding one. 

As a collector of vintage eclectics, I have attended more than my share of estate sales, auctions, etc. over the past 40+ years.  Yours turned out to be among the very, very best.  A most interesting, uncommon selection of all sorts of old stuff that make these sales so appealing for me.

Only recently have I started to venture from my traditional hunting grounds in the Baltimore region.  This was my first Four Sales Ltd. sale.  It was very impressive compared to others I’ve been to in this, or any other area. Howard and his staff were personable and helpful; conducting the sale in a professional manner throughout.  To my delight prices were set at a good balance between obtaining a fair price for the seller and tempting customers to empty the house as much as possible.  Too many of your competitors seem content seeking exorbitant prices on the first day or two, then unloading things on the last day at prices that should have been available on the first.

One of your staff deserves special mention.  I was browsing on the fourth floor when Sara came up to me wondering if I had lost something while in the basement minutes before.  At first I said “no” after checking my pockets, but soon after she added that it was a sum of money I realized that the twenty dollars I had recently removed from my wallet for a gratuity was gone.  Once I advised her it was two ten-dollar notes, Sara lit up and handed me the money.  These days I hardly expect anyone to have such integrity, much less climbing four flights of stairs to prove it!

All I’ve needed to decide which sale is the most inviting is a description and pictures.  After today I an adding one more criterion . . . the company conducting the sale!

Warm regards,
Alan L. ~
Columbia MD (August 2014)

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