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Are Board Games Collectible? They Sure Are!

Mickey Mouse Snakes and LaddersWhile many people look back at their childhood and recall the fun they had playing board games, not everybody realizes that some of these are quite valuable.

If you are still a kid at heart, collecting board games is an idea to consider. Not only can you purchase these online, but you can do the same at local estate sales.

Here are a few points of consideration:

  • Many of the most valuable board games are from the Victorian era, with many produced by McLoughlin Bros.
  • The games with the highest values are in excellent condition, including all the pieces as well as the original box.
  • Modern games, such as those created from the 1940’s through 1970’s, are also popular with collectors, thanks to the fact that they are easier to find.

Not every board game carries great value, but many, such as McLoughlin’s Bulls and Bears, have sold in excess of $10,000 in mint condition.

Valuable Board Games

When it comes to collecting board games, there are two types of value: monetary and sentimental. Even if a game is not worth a lot of money, it may bring back memories from your childhood. This alone is reason enough to add it to your collection.

Here is a list of a few valuable board games (and recent sales prices), none of which are overly rare:

  • Land of the Giants, 1968 – $305
  • GI Joe Dangerous Assignment, 1976 – $338
  • The Twilight Zone, 1964 – $382
  • Mickey Mouse Snakes and Ladders, 1930’s – $484
  • Boris Karloff’s Monster Game, 1965 – $521

As a board game collector, you should always be on the lookout for your next big find. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What condition is the game in?
  • Are all the pieces included?
  • Is it an original or a reproduction?

Board games are fun to play and even more fun to collect. Are you ready to start or add to your collection?

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