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Are you a Star Wars Memorabilia Collector? Search for these Pieces

chewbacca film headThere is no denying the fact that Star Wars is one of the top movie franchises of all time. After the release of the first movie in 1977, collectors throughout the world came to realize that Star Wars memorabilia was a big hit. From there, collectors began to search for everything from Kenner’s action figures to movie props and much more.

At the time, many people had fallen in love with the movie. That being said, most did not realize that Star Wars collectibles would become so big (and valuable) in the future. For example, the figures manufactured by Kenner have become one of the hottest items among movie collectors.

Five Valuable Star Wars Collectibles

While there are many collectibles related to the Star Wars series, here are five that most would love to add to their collection:

1. Chewbacca film-ready head. Can you imagine how cool it would be to get your hands on this head mask? There are not many of these to go around, which is why the last one was sold at auction for $140,000.

2. Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV lightsaber. When it comes to Star Wars memorabilia, lightsabers are always among the most coveted. In 2008, this piece was sold at auction for $240,000. Can you imagine having this in your collection?

3. Episode V snowtrooper helmet. Only one of these has made it to the market, with it selling in July 2012 for the price of $225,000. A true one of a kind collectible!

4. George Lucas’ Episode IV  Panavision Camera. This is just about as good as it gets when it comes to Star Wars memorabilia. The Panavision PR 35mm camera used to film A New Home was sold for $625,000 at auction.

5. Telescoping Lightsaber Darth Vader. For those who are seeking something more affordable, this action figure is right up your alley. There are only a few hundred of these in existence, and the average market value sits somewhere in the $5,000 to $6,000 range.

Now do you see just how valuable Star Wars collectibles can be? Is it time for you to add to your collection? As you scour local estate sales, keep your eyes open for items related to this movie series – you never know what you are going to find.

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