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Best Ways to Declutter Your Home in 2016

clutter 2With the calendar ready to turn, it won’t be long before you are setting goals for the new year. Like many, one of your top goals on the home front may be to declutter your house. This sounds simple enough, but you realize that it will bring a variety of challenges into your life.

There are many ways to declutter your home, including the following:

1. Throw it all out. If you are tired of looking at a cluttered home, you can rent a dumpster and begin to throw out everything you don’t want or need. While this is an idea to consider, it comes with a major problem: you may be throwing out items that could be sold for a nice sum of money.

2. Have a garage sale. It is likely that you have attended at least one garage sale in the past (so you know how it works). This is simple enough. You bring all your stuff to the curb (or your garage), and you sell it to people who stop by.

3. Plan an estate sale. Perhaps the best of the three options, with an estate sale you are able to declutter your home while selling your valuables for top dollar. This is the best of both worlds. When everything is said and done, you no longer have to look at your clutter. Better yet, you have more money than when you started.

The time to declutter your home may be here. If this sounds familiar, don’t hesitate to plan for 2016. Many people have already scheduled an estate sale, and you may want to do the same.

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