High Quality Service From Four Sales August 12, 2016

Four Sales Ltd provided us with high quality services in efficiently disposing of our household items.  We are very pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness of its staff. Clyde J. ~ Silver Spring, MD (August 2016) Related posts: Estate Sales – Attic Finds That Go Boom! Strange Estate Sale Finds Vintage Bathrooms – Hot Pink?

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Four Sales Is Knowledgeable and Professional August 11, 2016

Daniel Sanders is highly knowledgeable about the auction business and throughout the process he provided excellent and highly professional, accurate and timely service. Because of his professionalism and knowledge, we knew exactly what to expect. I would highly recommend anyone who is moving or downsizing to a smaller home use the services of Four Sales […]

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Four Sales Exceeded Our Expectations April 13, 2016

The Four Sales staff were extremely professional. Our relocation plans involved extreme downsizing, leaving us with a household of furnishings to address. Whether through sale or donation to charity; Four Sales exceeded our expectations and ensured the residence was returned to us without a mark. David and Joan B. ~ Fredericksburg, VA (April 2016) Related […]

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I Was Totally Satisfied! April 4, 2016

I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Four Sales.  They removed everything from my house in one day, so that I could go to settlement and sell my house.  Daniel was very responsive and did everything he promised.  Overall, I was totally satisfied, and I don’t know how I would have been able […]

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Great and Honest Service! March 20, 2016

Great and honest service by Four Sales.  Mr. Dan Sanders was extremely helpful and professional in answering questions about the process.  Four Sales provides peace of mind in the handling and storing of the items and successful auctions.  Highly recommend Four Sales services! Carla B. ~ Woodbridge, VA (March 2016) Related posts: Estate Sales – […]

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Impressed from the First Interaction March 1, 2016

From the very first interaction, I was impressed with the professionalism of this organization. Before contracting with them, I visited one of their estate sales, and I was very impressed with how organized everything was, and the friendly knowledgeable staff who were working the sale. Things were priced fairly. The items with which I have […]

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Four Sales is Rigorous and Honest December 28, 2015

People at Four Sales are friendly, rigorous and very honest. While moving some furniture, our car’s rear mirror was slightly damaged and Daniel immediately proposed to take care of it. We received the check to fix the car from Four Sales a few days later. This demonstrates the integrity and great culture of the people […]

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