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Do you have Solid Wood Furniture to Sell at an Estate Sale?

deskAs you begin to organize your estate sale, there will come a time when you ponder how much you can sell each item for. You never truly know what will happen until buyers arrive, but it is always a good idea to think about this well in advance.

Solid wood furniture oftentimes fetches top dollar. If you have any of these pieces to sell, you may be surprised at just how much interest they receive. Here is why buyers love this type of furniture:

1. Durable. Let’s face it: many pieces of modern furniture are anything but durable. When you go back in time, back when everything was made of solid wood, the craftsmanship was much better.

Solid wood furniture has a way of standing up to the test of time.

2. Do away with signs of wear and tear. While not always the case, many minor signs of wear and tear, such as scratches and scrapes, can be sanded away. Some people are interested in this, but others would rather keep the weathered appearance. Either way, options are available.

3. Opportunity to refinish. You may enjoy the current look of your piece, but this doesn’t mean buyers will share your passion. And there is nothing wrong with that. If they want to refinish the piece, such as by staining, you should be all for it. After all, it’s no longer yours once the money is in your hand.

If you have any questions regarding solid wood furniture or estate sales in general, shoot us a note. We will do our best to help!

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