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Estate Sale Parking: Three Tips for Being Respectful

estate sale parkingAlthough you may be excited about attending an estate sale, there is one thing you should  keep in mind: those who live around the area may not be as thrilled as you. In fact, they may not have any idea that an estate sale is even taking place.

It is essential that you are respectful to others at all times. This starts with estate sale parking etiquette.

It doesn’t matter if you are pulling up in a truck, car, or some other type of vehicle, you must realize that there are things you should and should not be doing. Here are three tips for ensuring that you don’t make a poor decision that could negatively impact a bystander:

1. Stay off the neighbors’ lawns. Would you like it if someone pulled onto your freshly manicured lawn? There is nothing wrong with parking on the street, if permitted, but there is something wrong with pulling your car onto somebody’s lawn.

2. Don’t block the neighbors’ driveways. Can you imagine anything more frustrating than wanting to leave home but not being able to because your driveway is blocked? Pay close attention to where you park, making sure that you are not blocking a neighbor’s driveway.

3. Keep the noise to a minimum upon parking. Even though you may be excited about attending the estate sale, you don’t want to be so loud that you disturb others. Most estate sales get started early in the morning, so when you arrive there may be others in the area who are still trying to rest. Keep the noise down and you will never have to worry about disturbing somebody who lives in close proximity to the sale.

With these three estate sale parking tips guiding you, it should be simple enough to find a place to leave your vehicle while you shop. There is nothing more important than being respectful, as it reflects nicely on you as well as the person in charge of the estate sale.

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