Estate Sales: A Great Place to Find Unique Home Furnishings

When it comes time to buy a couch, dining room table, or nightstand, there’s no shortage of places to start your search.

From local furniture stores to online outlets, you’re sure to find hundreds upon hundreds of options.

But what if you’re more interested in unique home furnishings? Then where do you turn?

Estate sales are a great option, as you’ll find a variety of furnishings that aren’t typically available in mass quantity. Here are some examples:

  • Corner cupboard
  • Desk with felt top
  • Sewing table and sewing stand
  • Blanket box
  • Waterfall dresser
  • Leather top end table
  • Child’s rocking chair
  • Needlepoint chair
  • Wine cooler
  • Cedar chest
  • Victorian carriage

You get the point. If unique home furnishings are what you want, an estate sale is a good place to start your search. Not only will you find pieces that aren’t available anywhere else, but you’re likely to score a great deal, too.

Even if you don’t buy anything, visit a few upcoming estate sales in your area to see what types of home furnishings are available. This may be all the inspiration you need to add a few new items to your home in the near future.

Four Sales is the leading estate sale company in Virginia, DC and Maryland. For the past 40 years, Four Sales has conducted over 3,000 estate sales in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Four Sales estate sales headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia with regional offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.   

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