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Four Sales Is Superb

Four Sales organized, marketed and ran an Estate Sale of contents of our childhood home.

Four Sales is superb. Our father passed away and we were faced with the challenge of “de-accessioning” 50 years of accumulated possessions, including antique furniture, non-antiques furniture, household goods, jewelry, clothing, sports equipment, toys, records, books, in addition to all the papers, photos, and memorabilia of our parents’ lives. A daunting task. We wanted to make every effort to find good homes for all of the things, rather than sending perfectly usable stuff to the landfill. Four Sales really helped us accomplish that goal.

Four Sales sent a person to go through the house with us and advise us on our possible courses of action: estate sale, auction, or charity donation, etc. He gave us very good guidance as to what would likely sell and whether the house contained sufficient goods to make an on-site estate sale worth our while. That’s the path we chose. And we are glad that we did.

The week before the sale, Four Sales staff came and set everything up in the house so that the sale would be orderly, secure, and successful. Their experienced staff also priced all of the items in advance. Some may have been over-priced; some perhaps a little under-priced, but we were given the opportunity to change any prices we didn’t agree with, tho we didn’t change any. We accepted their professional recommendations.

The sales team was great. The leader (Mark) checked in with me regularly while setting up to make sure they were doing everything according to our wishes. And he checked in with me during the sale. Ad, he always maintained good humor and positive approach. The whole team was very courteous and respectful of our property. And they ran a great sale.

Four Sales has a long track record of estate sales and a great following. They market their sales well . . . on a number of different websites and through their own very large mailing list. Thus, they get a good turn-out. Thus, they were able to sell the majority of things in the house. Additionally, they have great connections with collectors and dealers, so they were able to attract buyers for some of the valuable but quirky pieces we had to sell.

We felt they could have also put some signs up on key intersections in the neighborhood to further attract area residents. They did give us a letter to put in neighbors’ mailboxes to let them know of the sale (and the potential traffic).

Their photos of our things which they used on the website to promoted the sale could have been much better. Some were so dark that you couldn’t see what was being featured. Some others needed to be more thoughtfully staged; items were photographed with boxes and junk in the background, which didnt show them very well. But, this is minor. I don’t think the results suffered. And the company removed the bad photos when I called this to their attention.

Anyway, we felt fortunate to have had the help, experience, professionalism and network of this company to help us through this difficult time.

Oh, the other great thing was that we were able to bring things from our own houses that we didn’t want anymore and add them to the sale. That was great.

Wendy D.
Annandale VA from Boston MA (May 2014)

One thought on “Four Sales Is Superb

  1. Thank you for taking the time to provide a positive testimonial and review of the work we did for you. It was our pleasure to be of service.

    We agree with you that the sale was a success! The response to your family’s treasures was strong with buyers and collectors coming from as far away as New Jersey to make purchases. Sales that include fun and somewhat quirky items tend to draw a broad audience as was evidenced by the significant traffic to your estate sale event.

    We also appreciate the time you took to provide some constructive feedback. This information is always welcome and is used in our process of continuous improvement. I would like to clarify the minor concerns you mentioned and share how we responded both during and after the sale both for your benefit and as clarification for potential clients.

    We placed plenty of signs along the best access routes to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, as happens from time to time, some neighborhood “signage vigilante” was enthusiastic in removing some but not all of our signage. While we did replace most of the original signage we put out it was removed a second time. This is why we offer directions in newspaper advertising, on our website, and via our mobile app.

    The original set of photos was indeed a bit darker than we would have liked, but this occasionally happens in older home with limited lighting available. As you mentioned, we did update the photos after the sale was set up. Sometimes homes are a bit messy before we get started! To remedy this concern for future clients, we have outfitted our business development team with better cameras, placed bins of supplemental light fixtures in our equipment sets and given additional guidance to our team members on taking the best possible photos.

    Again, thank you both for the great testimonial and the constructive feedback!

    Remember, the greatest compliment you can give us is a referral to a friend or family.


    Daniel Sanders, President
    Four Sales Ltd.

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