Going to the Slots!

Who wants to actually leave their house to gamble? Why not have the option to play the slots in the privacy of your own home? Well this option isn’t entirely farfetched. At estate sales, we often sell all kinds of slot machines. It is a perfect way to entertain your guests this summer, and often are conversation pieces. Brands like Konami, Mikohn Gaming, and Bally are some of the most popular and reliable slot machine manufacturers. They are a great addition to a recreation or theater room. Before you make your purchase, you should decide what type and size of slot machine to purchase. Many of them are completely digital now and some have no lever, making them look a bit more modern and sleek. However, some are still very classic looking and have a vintage lever, three spinners, and a loud alert when you win the jackpot! At most estate sales we have one or two slot machines, so plan your trip accordingly so that you can get the first pick. Also, you will be able to actually try out the slot machine, which makes it a more sound purchase as opposed to buying it online. You want your slot machine to have the look and feel that you were looking for so that you will be proud to have it next to your wet bar or in your rec room!

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