#1 in the Greater Washington DC Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Game Tables

Custom game tables can be  all the rage at your summer parties – you can play classic board games, cards, and other games like dominoes. However, you can’t get the full experience until you have played these games on a stunning table, some of which have cup holders, coolers, and table games like roulette and backgammon built into their surface. Hillsdale, Rockwell and Butler is a popular brand of game and card tables, and also have many accessories available online to match their current and past pieces.

Coaster Oak is a good brand to keep your eye on when you are at an estate sale. Many game tables that you will find at estate sales will be lightly used and often will have a full five piece set, chairs included. In the instance that the chairs aren’t included in the display or you just simply don’t like them, a perfect addition to the table to add a touch of class, is a timeless barrel back chair. They seem to fit perfectly along with a game table and are very comfortable in most cases. Brands to look out for are Broyhill, Powell Brussels, or even Crate & Barrel if you are looking for something modern. Whatever the case, if you are in the market for a stunning gaming table look no further than your local estate sale!


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