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Warm Up Outside!

Spring and summer barbecues are coming fast, especially with memorial day weekend just a few weeks away. However, coping with mother nature can be quite a chore sometimes. Even during these seasons, the weather may be too cool or too warm for most. So at your next barbecue, why not plan for it all? Prepare yourselves with a beautiful fireplace for everyone to warm up around and socialize. They are low maintenance and mobile so they can be where you want to be, whether it’s out on the veranda or close to the pool. Firepits come in many shapes and sizes as well, so keep in mind the space that you currently have for entertaining, add the firepit and the chairs around it. That should give you an idea of what size to purchase. Fire places range in price from $100-$400. Also, consider purchasing an umbrella to cover your entertaining area. Brands like Hayneedle and Shelterlogic are some of the most well known, some even have lights and speakers built inside of them! They range anywhere from $150-$500! Estate sales are the perfect place to find both of these essentials for outdoor entertaining. 5fb8c1c9d64615c16a08004a26086c4f

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