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Holiday Shopping at an Estate Sale: What Should you Buy?

babeA few weeks back, we published a post discussing the many reasons to holiday shop at an estate sale. From the opportunity to save money to the chance of finding a truly unique item, there are reasons to give this a try during the holiday shopping season.

It is one thing to say you are going to visit an estate sale, but another thing entirely to have a clear idea of what you want to buy. If you plan on visiting these sales during the holiday season, you should have a basic idea of who you are buying for as well as what you want to purchase.

Even though every shopper has his or her own list, here are three types of items to consider:

1. Electronics. Last week, we looked at a few tips for buying electronics at estate sales. Does your partner want a new television? Does your child want a particular gaming system? Estate sales are often times full of electronics. When you shop these sales during the holiday season, you may be surprised at what you find (and how much money you can save).

2. Antique jewelry. This makes for the perfect gift for many reasons. In addition to the history, most people enjoy receiving jewelry over the holidays. From necklaces to rings to bracelets, if jewelry is on your mind an estate sale should be one of your first stops.

3. Housewares. This may not be the most exciting gift – at least from where you sit – but there are many people who love receiving these items for their home. Housewares dominate many estate sales, with everything from kitchen items to holiday decorations for sale.

4. Collectibles. From sports cards to movie memorabilia, collectibles are hot sellers at estate sales. On top of this, these items make for the perfect gift for that special collector in your life.

Note: check out this previous blog post on five of the best Civil War collectibles.

5. Furniture. This may not be something you buy for somebody on your list. Instead, it is more for you and your home. Before friends and family descend on your home this holiday season, why not upgrade your furniture? Not only will this make your home look better, but it could also provide a higher level of comfort for your guests.

If you have decided to do some or all of your holiday shopping at local estate sales, don’t forget to pay close attention to the three types of items detailed above.

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