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How are Estate Sale Items Priced?

Are you interested in planning an estate sale in the near future? Will you be attending one of these events?

If you answered yes to either question, you’re sure to wonder about the pricing strategy. Does the seller set the prices? Does the estate sale company have any say?

This is something we discuss in great detail on our website. When Four Sales is hired to manage an estate sale, our team of appraisers go to work to price each and every item. This goes a long way in ensuring a fair price, which increases the chance of the seller liquidating all of his or her items.

Generally speaking, most of your items should be priced at approximately 80 percent of market value. This ensures that the starting price is a good deal, but that the seller is also in position to make a good amount of money.

As a buyer, it’s not often that you gain access to pricing before the event opens. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the big day until you are able to peruse the offerings and decide what to purchase.

If you’ve attended an estate sale in the past, share with us your thoughts on how the items were priced. Were you impressed with the bargains? Were there certain categories that you felt were a particularly fair deal?

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