How to Haul Your Estate Sale Find

It’s easy to get so excited at an estate sale that you forget one very important detail: you have to haul all your purchases back to your home.

Rather than put yourself in a difficult spot, here are some tips to follow:

·      Plan in advance: If you’re visiting an estate sale with the idea of buying large items, such as furniture, plan in advance on how you’ll get it home. For example, if you own a pickup truck or know someone who does, it’s best to take it with you. You’re not going to fit that dining table in the back of a compact car!

·      Ask the estate sale company for help: While they can’t do anything in regards to transporting items to your home, they can connect you with local movers who can provide assistance. It’s best to ask about this upfront, as to ensure that the company is able to help.

·      Safety comes first: Depending on what you’ve purchased, you may find yourself faced with the task of lifting a very heavy item. Don’t take any risks with your safety. Instead, follow proper lifting technique at all times, as an injury is a sure fire way to take all the fun out of your day.

With these tips guiding you, you’ll find it easier to haul your estate sale finds back home. From there, it’s time to enjoy your purchase!

Four Sales is the leading estate sale company in Virginia, DC and Maryland. For the past 40 years, Four Sales has conducted over 3,000 estate sales in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Four Sales estate sales headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia with regional offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.

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