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Is a Bench Just What Your Garden Needs?

There are many ways to bring your garden to life, with a bench (or two) among the best. Not only does it add visual appeal to your outdoor space, but it’s also functional. What more could you ask for?

Rather than head to your local home and garden store to purchase a bench, consider the benefits of buying one that’s rustic. There’s something about the appearance of a vintage bench that takes your garden to the next level.

The best place to purchase a rustic bench is a local estate sale, as you’re more likely to find one that suits your style. These benches are made of various materials, with these among the most popular:

·      Cast iron

·      Stone

·      Wood

How much does it cost?

There’s no easy answer to this question, as it depends largely on the age, condition, and material.

For example, a pair of 19th century cast iron Gothic-style benches recently sold at auction for $3,750. For benches in excess of 100 years old, many would consider this a great deal.

When shopping at an estate sale, you have the opportunity to inspect the bench in person to determine if it suits your needs in regards to style, condition, and size. Once you make a purchase, there’s only one thing left to do: place the bench in your garden and enjoy!

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