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Is that a Quality Watch? Answer before Buying

rolexThere are many general questions to answer before making a purchase at an estate sale. On the same note, you should dig deeper regarding any particular item you have your eyes on.

Do you find yourself searching estate sales for that perfect watch? Are you a watch enthusiast, looking to add to your ever growing collection?

When shopping for a watch at an estate sale, it is important to differentiate high quality from low quality. This could be the difference between making a purchase you are happy with and being disappointed.

Here are three ways to tell if a watch is high quality:

1. Weight. There are people out there who think that heavy watches are old and unreliable. This is not true. A high quality watch feels like a high quality watch.

Let’s put it this way: when you put a watch on your wrist you want it to feel sturdy, not like a plastic toy.

2. The name says it all. Before you ever consider a purchase, you should learn more about the watch itself, including the maker. For example, the Rolex name is one of the best in the industry. As long as you are buying a real Rolex, not a fake, you can be rest assured that it is of the highest quality.

3. The sweep. What do you see as the second hand moves around the face? Also known as the “sweep,” you don’t want to visibly notice any stoppage in movement. It should glide around the dial, never missing a beat or appearing “clunky.”

With many estate sales scheduled for the near future, it won’t be long before you are searching for your next watch.

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