Questions to Ask When Buying a Used TV

Shopping for a new TV online or at a local big box store can be a lot of fun – until you take a closer look at the price tag.

At that point, you may begin to consider another option: buying a used TV.

If you’ve never done this in the past, don’t worry. You can answer a few key questions along the way to ensure yourself of making a confident decision:

·      How old is the TV?

·      Why is the seller getting rid of it?

·      What type of technology does it use?

·      What is the price compared to a new unit?

·      Is the picture clear or do you notice some distortion?

·      Is the sound clear or is there muffling?

·      Are there any loose connections that could inhibit your use?

·      Does it support all the accessories you want to use, such as video game consoles and surround sound?

·      Does the size match up with what you’re looking for?

These are the types of questions that can help you better decide if a used TV is a good purchase.

If you’re ready to start your search, visit a few estate sales in your area. You’ll often come across great deals on televisions, due in large part to people looking to downsize before making a move.

If you do your homework, you can get a television that suits your every want and need, without paying the “new in the box” price. What more could you want?

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