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Spring Cleaning: The Time is Now

Some people look forward to spring cleaning, while others dread the thought of it. Regardless of your stance, there’s no better time than now to take action.

With a large portion of the country quarantined to their home for the foreseeable future, you have plenty of time on your hands. So, rather than waste it, you might as well make the most of it.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a long, scary, stress-filled process. Here are some easy to follow tips:

•    Make a schedule of what you want to do and when you’ll do it

•    Separate items into four categories: keep, sell, donate, trash

•    Clean inside and outside your home

•    Make a list of DIY projects to tackle as you complete your cleaning (such as painting a spare bedroom)

•    Choose safe cleaning products

Along with the above, take steps to make it fun. For example, as your schedule allows, set aside time to go through old scrapbooks or to watch home videos. These short breaks can make the process much more enjoyable.

Once you’re done with your spring cleaning, you’ll look at your home and realize it was well worth the time and effort. There’s no better feeling than a clean home!

And remember: Stay well, stay safe, stay home!

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