Stamp Collecting: Have Fun With Your Children

There are many benefits of stamp collecting, ranging from the educational value to the potential to amass a valuable collection. For this reason, it’s a great hobby to take up with your children.

Despite the fact that stamp values have decreased (for the most part) over the past few decades, it’s still a fun activity for people of all ages (and did we mention educational?).

Once you come to find that stamp collecting is a hobby you’ll enjoy, it’s time to purchase an album and add to it as often as possible.

Generally speaking, there are two general categories of stamps:

·      Unsued

·      Postally used

While most people choose to collect one type or the other, you can mix and match if you so desire.

You’ll come to find that unused stamps typically cost more than one that made its way through the postal system, due to the fact that they are in better condition.

When adding to your collection, think about stamps in the same manner as baseball cards. The value is based largely on the scarcity of the stamp, as well as its condition. Try to avoid those that are torn, creased, stained, or marked with a heavy postmark.

The Most Valuable Stamps

To give you a better idea of just how valuable stamps can be, here’s a short list that will knock your socks off:

·      Inverted Jenny, 1918 – $1,350,000

·      Benjamin Franklin, 1867 – $935,000

·      Landing of Columbus, 1869 – $275,000

·      The Declaration of Independence, 1869, $275,000

·      Shield, Eagle and Flags, 1869 – $210,000

Even though these are approximate values, it gives you a better idea of how valuable some stamps can be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to stamp collecting or have been building your albums for years, the fun never ends. So, buy a few stamps along with your children, keep them in good condition, and add to your collection when possible.

If you’re interested in buying more stamps in the near future, you can shop online and at local estate sales, as both options provide the opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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