Star Trek Fans Love These Collectibles

Do you consider Star Trek one of the greatest television shows of all-time? Do you enjoy collecting anything and everything associated with the iconic series?

With so many collectibles to purchase, you could spend your entire life collecting and still not have everything.

While every collector has their own thoughts on how to best build a collection, doing so based on rarity and value is always a good idea.

Here are a handful of the most sought after Star Trek collectibles:

·      1:350 Scale Enterprise Model

·      Bat’leth

·      DST Communicator & Phaser

·      Tribble

·      Custom Uniform Shirt

·      TNG Communicator Badge

·      DST Retro Cloth Figures

·      TOS Insignia Patch

·      TR-590 MK 9 Science Tricorder

·      Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey

Star Trek collectibles have been manufactured for many years, dating back to the original series that kicked off in 1966.

The nice thing about the above collectibles is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For example, the 1:350 Scale Enterprise Model can typically be found for roughly $150, which isn’t a bad price to pay for such a high quality piece.

If you find yourself in the market for Star Trek collectibles, search high and low for unique pieces that will add value to your collection and a smile to your face. In addition to the online world, some of the best deals can be had at local estate sales and flea markets. Live Long and Prosper!

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