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Start Off the New Year with an Estate Sale

auction-300x225Have you set a New Year’s resolution? Are you ready to prove to yourself that you can reach your goal this year?

Like many, your resolution may be based around decluttering your home. For this reason, it could be a good idea to start off the new year with an estate sale.

While there is nothing wrong with waiting for warmer weather to hold an estate sale, you don’t necessarily have to do so. Many people have had great success scheduling their event during the cold winter months.

Consider this: people are looking for things to do when the weather takes a turn. For this reason, they often turn their attention to estate sales. When this happens, you are the big winner.

If you want to start off the new year with an estate sale, here are three steps to take right now:

·      Make a list of reasons for having an estate sale. Are you trying to rid your home of clutter? Downsize? Do you want to earn some extra cash?

·      Decide what to sell and what to keep. This can be a challenge, but the more time you put into the process the easier it becomes. You will soon realize what’s worth keeping and what you should sell.

·      Reach out to a professional. There is more to an estate sale than meets the eye. From setting up to collecting payments, there are many details that can bog you down. You need a professional on your side.

Are you ready to plan your estate sale for the new year? If so, contact us for assistance. We can help you reach your New Year’s resolution!

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