High Quality Service From Four Sales

Posted By on Aug 8, 2016 in Testimonials and Reviews
Four Sales Ltd provided us with high quality services in efficiently disposing of our household items.  We are very pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness of its staff. Clyde J. ~ Silver Spring, MD (August 2016)...
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Use This ‘Curb Appeal’ Checklist to Sell Your Car Fast at a Good Price

When homeowners decide to sell a house, they give it some “curb appeal” to entice buyers. A few cosmetic touch-ups and aesthetic upgrades can bring a better price and faster sale. You can apply the same theory to selling your car. Even if it runs great, its appearance matters to car shoppers. A few upgrades […]...
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You’ve Acquired an Antique Auto? Awesome! – Here’s What to Do Next

Estate sales are a great place to find classic cars and other automotive gems. If you’ve recently purchased an antique car, what now? Should you store it, sell it or drive it around town with the top down? Taking care of an antique auto requires dedication and a little know-how. There is a whole series […]...
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Summer Vacations Right Around the Corner

Posted By on Jun 6, 2013 in Random Topics,Strange Finds
Are you ready to breach the front door to your home and go into the wilderness or maybe a beach vacation? You may need a couple things to travel there, like a luggage rack carrier for your over-packed bags. Brands like Lund, Samsonite and Rain-X all are ones to look out for, they have a […]...
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