Summer Vacations Right Around the Corner

Are you ready to breach the front door to your home and go into the wilderness or maybe a beach vacation? You may need a couple things to travel there, like a luggage rack carrier for your over-packed bags. Brands like Lund, Samsonite and Rain-X all are ones to look out for, they have a great warranty and are mostly waterproof. Just pay close attention to the labels so that you know exactly what you are getting. You may also need a bike rack if are planning on taking your bikes for a trek through the woods or cruise by the beach. There are three main types of these racks, some that fit to the top your luggage rack, some that strap into the trunk, and some that fit into trailer hitches. Most crossovers, SUV’s and minivans have trailer hitches manufacturer installed, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. You really can’t go wrong with this purchase if you find them at an estate sale because they are usually so expensive, ranging anywhere from $100-$300 based on the type of bike attachments that you need. Don’t forget you can also get tents, camping equipment, beach chairs, coolers and more at estate sales! Anything to get you prepared for your summer vacations! Stop by an estate sale near you with a list of things you’ll need, because we know you’ll be able to find them.  

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