The Top American-Made Furniture Companies

There’s likely to come a point when you need to buy new furniture for your home. From a couch to a dining room table to a dresser, you never know what’ll be next on your list.

However, when the time comes, it’s important to make the right decision in regards to style, size, comfort, price, and quality. Don’t just buy and hope for the best.

While there are hundreds of American-made furniture companies to consider, some are better than the rest. And by better, we mean the quality of the pieces they design and produce.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying new furniture or second-hand at an estate sale, some companies deserve more of your attention than others. Here are seven of the best companies:

•    La-Z-Boy

•    Maiden Home

•    Floyd

•    Stickley

•    Vermont Woods Studio

•    Vaughan-Bassett

•    Eastvold Furniture

When buying second-hand furniture from one of these companies, pay close attention to the condition. Do you see any tears or rips? How about cracks?

While you’re buying used, you don’t want to give up too much in regards to the condition. Fortunately for you, furniture from these companies have the best chance to stand up to the test of time.

What are your thoughts on these top American-made furniture companies? Do you have a favorite?

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