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These Bobbleheads are More Than Cool, They’re Valuable

Some collectibles are a bit more exciting than others, and this is definitely where bobbleheads come into play.

While some people see these as childish, others realize that collecting bobbleheads is a great way to have fun.

In the early 1960s, the popularity of bobbleheads began to takeoff. This was due in large part to Major League Baseball, with teams beginning to give these away to ticket holders.

Although it started as a fad within Major League Baseball, bobbleheads soon made their way into other areas. For example, you can also find bobbleheads associated with athletes from other sports, politics, and entertainment (such as musicians and movie stars).

It can be great fun to add a new bobblehead to your collection, but when doing so you should keep something in mind: some of these are more valuable than others.

If you’re looking to grow your collection with the most valuable bobbleheads, here are a few to search for:

·      Cal Ripken, Jr.

·      Darth Vadar

·      George Washington

·      The Beatles

·      Willie Mays

·      John F. Kennedy

·      Mickey Mantle

·      Barry Bonds

This eBay guide gives you a better idea of which particular bobbleheads are most valuable. After all, popular figures such as those detailed above have had many of these created in their honor over the years.

If you’re interested in adding bobbleheads to your collection, search for hidden gems at local estate sales and flea markets. Don’t be surprised if you look down at a table and see one of these figures staring back at you!

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