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These McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are Worth Hundreds

Do you remember all those times when you were a kid that your parents took you to McDonald’s? Did you beg for a Happy Meal not because you liked the food, but for the toy?

While many McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are worth next to nothing, others regularly sell for hundreds of dollars.

These McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are among the most valuable:

·      TY Teenie Beanie Babies: It was a big hit when McDonald’s added these to its Happy Meals. Today, a complete set sells for several hundred dollars.

·      Furby Toy Set: An entire collection of the McDonald’s Furby toy set – which includes 80 stuffed animals – will set you back roughly $1,000.

·      Snoopy World Tour: A complete set is worth approximately $400 to $500. There are 28 figures in total. Do you have them all?

·      Halloween Buckets: These were a big hit many years ago, but today the McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Buckets sell for $50 to $100 each. I bet you didn’t think that would happen!

If you have any McDonald’s Happy Meal toys stored away in your basement or attic, dig them out to see if they’re worth anything. And of course, don’t hesitate to add more of these toys to your collection. An online search – as well as local estate sales and flea markets – may turn up what you’ve been searching for.

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