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Thimbles, Thimbles, and More Thimbles

Thimbles have been in existence since the 1st century AD and have been a crucial part of tailoring and manufacturing since. The earliest known thimble was in the Roman city of Pompeii and was made of bronze, a very precious metal at the time. As time went on the thimble became a necessity in every household in order to keep the fingers nimble and without puncture. They were what young men used to give to their loved ones as a symbol of appreciation for all their hard work during mending and sewing. Thimbles are often made from rubber, wood, metal, and leather. However, the collector products are made from whale bone, ivory, or glass; these are the best ones to find at an estate sale. Brands such as Spode, Wedgewood, Royal Worcester, and Royal Doulton are among the exceptional brands producing these collectables. Hand painted or rare thimbles could be quite costly and could be found at your local estate sales, like the one-of-a-kind Lavender Wedgewood commemorative Royal Wedding thimble made in 1981. Thimbles that mark an important event are often a low production item and each has a serial number, signature, or other information that encourages the authenticity. Be sure to read up on items like these in order to make the best possible purchase! Each design has its own unique design, color, or imperfections that make it very special to each person or event.
Estate sales are usually set up in such a manner that all of the very sellable items are placed at the beginning of the adventure through the home, and the less desirable pieces scattered throughout. Instead of fighting the crowd at the beginning of the sale, try to venture to the kitchen or basement first where you may find these rare thimble collections! Always be aware of replica thimbles, and make sure that when hunting to look for signatures, cracks, chips or any other quality of the treasure. Good luck and happy hunting! We guide you to the best items for your collector’s niche.

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