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Three Questions to Ask at an Estate Sale


Most people who attend an estate sale are ready for a good time. They are also ready to spend some money, especially if they see an item that tickles their fancy.

While there is nothing more important than following appropriate estate sale etiquette, this does not mean you have to stay quiet from beginning to end. Instead, there are questions you should feel free to ask the company in charge.

Here are some of the many questions that estate sale companies expect to be asked:

1. How long does the sale last? No matter if you are arriving on the first day or the last, you want to get as much information as possible about the dates and hours of the event. This will allow you to set a schedule that works for you as a shopper.

Tip: the sooner you arrive at an estate sale the better chance you have of finding what you are looking for.

2. Can you point me towards your favorite items? While every estate sale has something special to offer, most have a few extraordinary pieces that are well worth considering. If you have the chance, get friendly with the team of people who are overseeing the sale. You may be surprised at how much information they can provide you.

3. When is your next estate sale? This has nothing to do with the current sale, and everything to do with the next one. The top companies move from one estate sale to the next. Since they are hoping to increase the number of visitors, they will have no problem sharing their schedule with you.

Don’t be shy about asking questions when attending an estate sale. This is your chance to learn more, make friends in the industry, and collect information that can help you find the perfect item.

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