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Three Rare and Valuable Video Games

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991Do you enjoy playing video games? You may already know that this has become big business over the past decade, with record prices being paid for video games. Of course, there is a big difference between buying a rare and valuable game and one that everybody already owns.

Below are five of the most valuable video games of all time. Do you have any of these in your collection?

1. Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991. In 1991, the video game giant visited colleges around the United States so players could compete on a special cartridge that allowed six minutes to play three games: Dr. Mario, Pin-Bot, and Super Mario 3. The person with the high score would then move on to a final event at which a champion was crowned. After this competition came to an end, Nintendo destroyed the games. However, one made its way through the cracks and it has been sold for as much as $20,100 (it has changed hands several times). While there is only one known version of this game in existence, there could be others out there. Keep your eyes open!

2. Stadium Events. Do you remember playing this game with your power pad when you were a kid? While many believe Nintendo was the original manufacturer, it was actually Bandai. This company distributed the game for a brief period of time before Nintendo stepped in and took over. If you have the box, manual, and game cartridge, a sales price of $15,000 is not out of the question. This game has been sold for as much as $14,890.

3. Super Sidekicks 4: Ultimate 11. There are not many sports games that have become rare, but this is an exception to the rule. It was developed by SNK and first sold in 1996. For some reason, not many of these games were made for the Neo Geo console. The last time this game sold it was for $10,000.

Now are you getting a better idea of just how rare and valuable some video games have become? If you own one of these games, you may want to consider selling. And of course, if you are looking to add to your collection one of these titles would be a great place to start. You never know what you will find by searching a local estate sale.

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