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Three Things to Take to an Estate Sale

DSCN2765Are you visiting an estate sale in search of valuable sports memorabilia? How about furniture or china? Regardless of what you are hoping to buy, there are steps you can take to improve your chance of making the right purchase at the right price.

If you are new to estate sales, you may not know exactly what you are doing (or shouldn’t be doing). That being said, there are three things you can take with you to your next estate sale to enhance your experience.

1. Technology. Do you have a smartphone? How about a tablet? You want to take some type of technology device with you, as this will give you the opportunity to do additional research on the spot.

Tip: make sure your device has internet access, as you may not always be able to find a free Wi-Fi network.

2. Another person. While there is nothing wrong with attending estate sales on your own, there are benefits of bringing another person along:

  • Another set of eyes for spotting great deals
  • Somebody you can bounce ideas off of
  • Another source of information

You may be surprised to find that a family member or friend shares your passion for visiting estate sales.

3. Your research. If you truly want to get the best deal on a particular item, no matter what it may be, it is essential to complete plenty of research in advance. You can do this by speaking with others and searching online. Anything you dig up should be taken with you to the estate sale.

If you take these three things with you to your next estate sale, you will find it much easier to enjoy yourself. Not to mention the fact that it will increase your chance of buying success!

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