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Three Things You Should Never Do at an Estate Sale

old-books1Last week, we provided some great tips on estate sale etiquette. From where to park to how to act when shopping, our readers picked up some advice that is sure to help them in the future.

This time around, we are going to take a closer look at three things you should never do at an estate sale.

1. Get into an argument with another shopper. This situation may present itself to you more often than you think. What would you do if somebody tried to grab an item out of your hand? What about if another shopper pushes you out of the way?

As tempting as it may be to “fight” back, you should take the high road and realize it is not worth your time. In other words, don’t let somebody else ruin your experience.

2. Hog items that you don’t have any intention of buying. You know this type of person. They will grab up as many items as they can find, holding onto them until they decide which ones to purchase. The problem with this is simple: while these items are in your arms, others are not able to purchase them. Not only does this harm other shoppers, but it does the same to the person running the estate sale.

There is nothing wrong with picking something up you plan to purchase, but don’t go overboard.

3. Break an item that is for sale. Mistakes happen, but most can be avoided if you are patient and cautious at all times. There is no reason to rush the door the moment that the estate sale begins. There is no reason to fly around the property, grabbing at everything you see. Be patient, have respect for others, and have respect for the items being sold.

The next time you find yourself at an estate sale, do whatever you can to avoid the three situations above. This will ensure a better time for you as well as the other shoppers.

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