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What Makes a Good Art Piece?

DSC04634If you have an eye for good art, maybe because you are a collector, it won’t take much to pinpoint a piece that you “have to have.”

However, if you are new to buying art, you may not have the first idea of how to separate the good from the bad.

Before we go any further, here is something to remember: if you enjoy a piece of art, that’s all that matters. It may not be appealing to may others, but if it piques your interest it’s worth a second look.

Here are five aspects of art that most people find appealing:

·      The repeating of shapes and patterns.

·      The use of colors, especially those that complement each other.

·      Good flow, guiding your eye from one piece of the art to the next.

·      Accurate proportions of objects and figures.

·      Presentation and framing.

With these five aspects guiding you, it’s easier to decide if a piece of art is worth your consideration. Furthermore, it can help if you find yourself comparing two pieces, trying to decide which one to purchase.

Good art is not always easy to spot, especially if you consider yourself a beginner. Fortunately, over time, you will develop an eye for finding pieces that suit your fancy.

So, the next time you find yourself browsing an estate sale, think about these five aspects of good art. This advice can help you make an informed purchase.

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