Who are the Most Popular Artists of Today?

When you go back in history, you won’t have any problem naming some of the best artists of all time. This includes names such as:

•    Leonardo da Vinci

•    Pablo Picasso

•    Vincent Van Gogh

•    Michelangelo

•    Rembrandt

As an art collector, there’s nothing better than the thought of adding a piece from one of these artists to your collection. Of course, if you’re going to make that happen, you should be prepared to part with a nice chunk of change.

While these artists have been well-known for many years, there are just as many artists from the modern era that deserve your attention. Here is a sampling of the best:

•    Jean-Michel Basquiat

•    Peter Doig

•    Christopher Wool

•    Rudolf Stingel

•    Richard Prince

•    Yoshitomo Nara

•    Keith Haring

•    Zeng Fanzhi

•    Sean Scully

•    George Condo

If you don’t know anything about the artists on this list, dig around online for more information. And if you have a favorite, be sure to search far and wide for pieces you can add to your collection. From online auctions to local estate sales, you never know when you’ll find a piece that knocks you off your feet!

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