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Your Parents, Downsizing, and Hiring an Estate Sale Company

In our last blog post, we examined some of the finer details of discussing an estate sale with your parent (or parents).

While some people are open to this approach, others aren’t nearly as excited about the process. Instead, they feel that an estate sale will offer them no real benefits.

If your parents are in the process of downsizing, don’t hesitate to step in and share some information on why it makes sense to have an estate sale. Taking this one step further, it’s important to help them understand what this entails.

Hiring an estate sale company is often times the difference between success and failure when it comes time to downsize.

When discussing this touchy subject, explain these three things about hiring an estate sale company:

·      The role of the company from start to finish. For example, discuss how the company will step in to manage the process from beginning to end, thus saving your parents time and money.

·      Professional guidance. Many people shy away from an estate sale because they’re concerned about making mistakes. For instance, they’re worried about selling an item for less than what it’s worth. An estate sale company can step in to provide professional guidance and advice.

·      Time efficient. Let your parents know that they only have so much time to get organized before downsizing. Rather than wait around, an estate sale company can step in and initiate an efficient and effective process.

So, there you have it. If your parents are thinking of downsizing, don’t hesitate to share the details and benefits of hiring an estate sale company. This may be the best decision they make in regards to their big move.

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