You’re Very Own Dough Box

Summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner, which means warm nights indoors and participating in winter hobbies. Baking is a huge attraction as the seasons change because it is so calming and slow-paced. While cookies and cakes are sweet and taste great on any occasion, many folks forget that fresh dough and bread can also be the talk of the town at any dinner party. Dough boxes are essential for the success of your bread making skills, almost as essential as the flour and yeast. Your dough box can be used for a work station and a rising station for your bread, and they come in many shapes, textures and sizes. You should purchase based on what you will be soley using your boxes for, one for homemade pizza dough, some for dinner rolls or a perfect sourdough loaf. Also, if you usually make large quanitites of baked goods, having stackable dough boxes would is a great idea. Some are made of wood, tin and some heavy duty plastics, the differences of this would also be based off of what taste you want your breads to have, and so on. Dough boxes tend to run from $10-$100 and price is based on features, durability, and brand. Also, antique dough boxes with all their beautiful individual features can also be something to have your eye out for. They are great to have on display! You can find an array of dough boxes and other baking supplies at estate sales, so come out and see what you can find! Check out more dough and bread boxes here:

Also, if you want an easy bread recipe check out:

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