Great Experience!

Posted By on Feb 2, 2022 in Testimonials and Reviews
My wife and I attended an estate sale managed by Mark, and it was a great experience! He let me try out an accordion on sale, and even offered to contact the estate to help me get it at a price we could afford as a young couple. The whole team was personable and helpful, […]...
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Roseville Pottery: Recent Sales and More

Posted By on Jan 1, 2022 in Pottery
Roseville Pottery got its start in 1892 in Roseville, Ohio. While the company eventually closed its doors in 1954, the pottery left behind continues to impress. With a focus on affordable, artistic pieces, Roseville was able to carve out a niche that attracted the everyday consumer. Today, original Roseville Pottery can sell for a pretty […]...
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Vintage Board Games: Some are Worth Thousands

Posted By on Dec 12, 2021 in Uncategorized
There was a day and age when board games weren’t mass-produced in the same manner as today. So, it’s only natural for some of these games to hold quite a bit of value. Here are some of the most valuable vintage board games, along with an approximate value of each: • Be a Manager (1967): […]...
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Grateful for Effort and Honesty

Posted By on Dec 12, 2021 in Testimonials and Reviews
Daniel [Sanders] was kind enough to take the time to research several antiques that I sent him pictures of. It turned out that there was not enough value in them to be worth the time and effort to do a formal appraisal. I am grateful for his effort and honesty. There are still good people […]...
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Top Service!

Posted By on Nov 11, 2021 in Testimonials and Reviews
Top service, very professional and would definitely encourage others to work with Daniel and his team of professionals. Steven G. ~ Falls Church, VA (November 2021)...
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Tips for Dating Furniture: How Old is Yours?

Posted By on Nov 11, 2021 in Furniture
Do you have a piece of furniture in your home with no known origins? Are you wondering how old it is? There’s no one size fits all way for dating furniture, but there are a handful of tips you can follow to make an educated guess. Here’s what you need to know: •    Check for […]...
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An Outstanding Job!

Posted By on Nov 11, 2021 in Testimonials and Reviews
Daniel Sanders and the entire crew at Four Sales did an outstanding job with our estate sale. The entire team were knowledgeable, professional and timely in their execution of our sale. The final results far exceeded our expectations and we would not hesitate to refer them to our friends. Daniel is a strong communicator and […]...
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Four Sales Did A Wonderful Job!

Posted By on Nov 11, 2021 in Uncategorized
Daniel and his team did a wonderful job of sorting through a relative’s home to decide what could be sold by auction and what should be picked up for donation, recycling, or disposal. He turned a stressful situation into one that flowed seamlessly. I high recommended Four Sales. Nicki B. ~ Lorton, VA (November 2021)...
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The Sports Card Market is Booming!

Posted By on Oct 10, 2021 in Uncategorized
The sports card market began to pick up steam during the high point of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it has slowed a bit, the market is still chugging along with quite a bit of momentum heading into 2022. In this post, we’re going to check out some of the top auction sales from the first […]...
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Outstanding Experience!

Posted By on Oct 10, 2021 in Testimonials and Reviews
I had an outstanding experience – we needed appraisals done of quite a few things for insurance purposes, and I so appreciated the knowledge and professionalism that Daniel brought to the job....
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