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Do You Own Toys that could be Worth a lot in the Future?

Do you remember those toys from your childhood that are now worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars? And do you remember how your parents tossed them in the trash or gave them away, perhaps leaving them to be someone else’s treasure?

As a collector, there’s nothing worse than knowing you once had something of great value, but now it’s gone forever. And for this reason, you should do your part in protecting against it in the future.

When you look at the toys of today, it’s easy to assume that they’ll never be worth as much as those from the past. However, you or your children may own some toys that could be worth a lot of money in the future.

Since there’s no way of knowing what will increase in value over the years, it’s best to hold onto anything that may go down this path. Some of the best bets include:

·     Video games

·      Fisher Price figurines

·      Anything Toy Story related (especially limited edition items)

·      Limited edition LEGO sets

·      Limited edition Hot Wheels

·      Limited edition board games

·      Sports cards

Even if an item isn’t worth a lot of money right now, it doesn’t mean it’ll remain this way forever. As the months turn to years, certain toys have great potential to increase in value. Some do and some don’t, but you want to position yourself to take advantage of those that skyrocket. That way, you’re celebrating in the future, as opposed to reminiscing about the past.

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