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Four Sales Was Very Professional

We contacted Daniel Sanders (President of Four Sales Ltd) when we had a contract to sell our home in Alexandria, VA. The time-frame was short because the new owners needed to close in less than two months.

Daniel took a look at the items at our home and sent us a contract which provided for a sale on a mutually acceptable date. His team priced all items and organized the house for the sale. They advertised the sale on their web site, and provided street signs for the two and one-half day sale. Most items were sold in the first two days.

Daniel responded promptly to our questions. He kept a record of all items sold, and provided an accounting as soon as checks cleared. Four Sales was very professional. They removed all trash and took unsold items to charities. Our home was left in excellent condition following the sale.

Wayne & Margaret K. ~
Alexandria, VA (February 2014)

One thought on “Four Sales Was Very Professional

  1. Dear Margaret and Wayne,

    Thank you for your kind review of our services. We were delighted to help you navigate the challenges associated with moving and downsizing. You had a lovely home and we were able to sell the vast majority of the contents in a 3 day sale. Doing so, we were able to return you a solid return over and above the costs of running the event.

    We just got a call from the daughter of one of your across the street neighbors. She had attended the sale and was so impressed with the presentation of the estate sale that she has asked us to assess her mother’s home for a personal property sales solution!

    Thank you again for your business, and remember that at Four Sales, we are never too busy for your referrals!

    Regards and good luck in your new home in a warmer climate!

    Daniel Sanders, President
    Four Sales Ltd

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