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How to Assess the Benefits of an Estate Sale – Part 3

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Prices realized at estate sales are generally higher than those generated at auction, with the exception of higher end non-commodity items that attract competitive bidders from a wider audience in an auction setting.

If you need to sell off a home and it’s belongings, it can be difficult to see its contents being dismantled. Using a professional estate sales company alleviates some of this discomfort. However it is important to have appropriate expectations. An estate sales company will ensure that the home and its contents are treated with respect.The staff at the event will be able to control the environment as people come through the home to make purchases.Although, there will be some normal wear and tear from a high volume of people passing through the home over 2-3 days. Professional estate sale companies will manage the sale in a manner to eliminate or minimize damage.Visitors coming through the home will be supervised by someone on the estate sale team, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of the process.

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