Is There Anything Better than a Movie Poster Collection?

You can collect a lot of different things in this world, but there’s nothing cooler than movie posters.

While modern day movie posters are not typically as valuable as those from the past, adding to your collection can still make for an enjoyable time.

Keep an open mind as you search for movie posters, as you can find these online, at estate sales, at flea markets, and a variety of other places.

Some movie posters can be purchased for a few dollars, while others are much more expensive. Check out this excerpt from an article published by New Atlas:

“An Italian movie poster for the 1942 movie Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman sold for $478,000 on Saturday evening, becoming the (equal) second-most valuable movie poster ever sold at auction.”

That’s a lot of bread!

You may not have the money to add the most valuable movie posters to your collection, but that shouldn’t stop you from searching for a diamond in the rough. There are great buys out there, you simply need to find them!

Here’s a list of the most valuable movie posters of all time (along with Casablanca, mentioned above):

·      Dracula (1931)

·      The Black Cat (1934)

·      Metropolis (1927)

·      The Mummy (1932)

·      Metropolis – International Version (1927)

It’s a lot of fun to chase after these posters, but don’t stop there. Any poster, regardless of value, is well worth adding to your collection.

Are you a fan of movie posters? Which one is your favorite? Share your top finds in the comment section below!

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