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These 6 Film Posters are All Worth $100k +

Do you enjoy spending time at the movies? Do you also enjoy taking in old films at home every now and again?

It’s difficult for many people to believe, but film posters can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is particularly true of those from the early days of the cinema.

Here are six film posters that have each sold for more than $100k in the past:

·      Frankenstein (1931) – $198,000

·      King Kong (1933) – $244,500

·      The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – $334,600

·      Metropolis (1927) – $357,750

·      The Mummy (1932) – $435,500

·      Metropolis – international version (1927) – $690,000

When sold at auction, most people find that these film posters are out of their price range. After all, dropping six figures on a poster isn’t something that most people are willing to do.

However, there are other options for growing your collection. For example, you could shop for hidden gems at local estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets. Just the same, set your sights a bit lower by targeting posters that aren’t worth nearly as much.

Do you own any film posters? Are you in the process of growing your collection?

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