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Things to Know Before Attending Your First Estate Sale

The big day is almost here. You’re so excited about attending your first estate sale that you can hardly sleep.

But, before you storm the event in hopes of finding that perfect gem, there are a few things you need to know:

•   Arrive early: It’s not required, but if you want access to the best deals you better arrive early. And even if you think you’re early, there’s a good chance you’ll arrive just to find that you’re nowhere near the front of the line.

•   Don’t attempt to negotiate on day one: Don’t mistake an estate sale for a garage sale or flea market. There is a time for negotiating, but it’s not the first day. If you’re hoping to secure a bigger discount, your best bet is the last day of the event.

•   Only buy what you can haul: Don’t get so excited about a big find that you overlook the fact that you have no way to transport it home. Plan this out in advance, as it’ll make it much easier to purchase with confidence.

You only get to attend your first estate sale one time. With these things in mind, you’re in position to enjoy every minute of the day and hopefully find some items to purchase.

Four Sales is the leading estate sale company in Virginia, DC and Maryland. For the past 40 years, Four Sales has conducted over 3,000 estate sales in Virginia, DC and Maryland. Four Sales estate sales headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia with regional offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.

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