Viele Hummel Figurines!

Hummel figurines started appearing in Germany in the early 1930’s after Frank Goebel and Sister Maria Innocentia came up with the ideas and sketches for the little collectibles. These little porcelain people became the heart’s desire of many as novelty stores across the country began to sell them during the war. After WWII, Hummel figurines flourished across the world as soldiers would send them home to the United States and beyond as gifts to their loved ones. The hope was that they would only become more valuable as time went on. Hummel then joined in with the Bradford Exchange, the leading supplier of collectible decorative plates, this bumped the frenzy for these figurines to a new high. These figurines are sloqly becoming less collected but for now are still very popular at estate sales. Rarer editions are still bought and sold for a good amount of money – some up to several hundred dollars! These cute collectibles are still referenced on many popular television shows like Seinfeld and Glee, as Hummel is used as character last names or referenced as a collectible item. Estate sales could be the perfect place to start if you are interested in continuing or beginning the collection and trade of Hummel figurines, Happy Hunting!

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