Everyone Should Have These Tools in Their Shed

Posted By on Jun 6, 2020 in Home
In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of regularly cleaning out your storage shed. While there are many benefits of doing so, there’s something you need to remember: a shed is meant for storage. And when it comes to storage, there are some tools that every shed should have. These include but are […]...
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Top Tips for Emptying a Loved One’s Home

There may come a time when you’re staffed with the responsibility of emptying a loved one’s home. For example, this may be necessary after your parents have passed on or before they move into a long-term care facility. While it’s never an easy task, physically or emotionally, there are tips you can follow to speed […]...
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Glass Paperweights: Things You Need to Know

Posted By on May 5, 2018 in Home
The more time you spend at estate sales the more you’ll realize that the buying possibilities are endless. If you have any interest in glass paperweights, don’t waste time seeking out upcoming estate sales in your area. This is the best place to turn if you’re looking to grow your collection. While you may have […]...
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Top Tips for Buying a Used Bed Frame

Posted By on Dec 12, 2017 in Home
For many people, buying a used bed frame makes a lot of sense. If you find yourself in the market for this item – such as at a local estate sale – there are some basic questions you need to answer. Here are a few that deserve your attention: ·      What is the material of […]...
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5 Top Tips for Buying a Used TV

Posted By on Dec 12, 2016 in Home
Are you in the market for a new television? Before you run for the internet or visit your local big box store, consider another option: buying used. For example, an estate sale is a great place to find a high quality TV set at a fraction of the new cost. If you find yourself interested […]...
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Reupholstering Tips to Follow

Posted By on Oct 10, 2015 in Home
Do you have a piece of old furniture in your home, such as a chair, that needs refreshed? If so, it may be time to consider the reupholstering process. Have you found a killer piece of furniture at an estate sale that needs some TLC? Once again, the right approach to reupholstering could work in […]...
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