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Sixty years of memorabilia…

I live in Sarasota, Florida and was unable to manage the day to day work of clearing out my parents’ house in Falls Church, with over sixty years of memorabilia collected from all over the world. In addition to all the stuff, there were disagreements between the siblings which made the process even more difficult, both emotionally and physically.

Daniel helped walk me through scenarios of options and ways to negotiate with the rest of the family so that everyone had their needs met equitably, without stepping on each other’s feelings.  He provided an appraiser to let us know how much the items that we each wanted were worth, so that we could equalize the distribution of contents.

As well, we were able to auction those items that truly had value but that the children did not want to keep; which was a relief since we did not want to simply give or throw them away.   Perhaps the best part was knowing that the non-auction items could go to charity; and the unusable items would be hauled away; with the house left in turnkey condition and ready to be sold.

Most of this took place while I was 500 miles away.  I highly recommend Four Sales for a soup to nuts job, including some hand holding.

Jackie O.
For Parent’s Home in Falls Church from Sarasota, FL (June 2012)

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